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Artists outside London

Artists are responsible for all expenses relating to the delivery of their works to and from London when arranged via these collection services. Please note these collection services may not accept works larger than 2m squared, therefore, you should call in advance to check space availability.


Frequently used art handlers

 Contact Picture Post ( 01302 711011 or 078 33450 788) for details of charges, dates, times and locations at the following collection points or collections enroute:

Newcastle upon Tyne 
Berwick upon Tweed
Errol (nr. Perth)
Doncaster to London 

Contact Art Moves of Chelsea (020 7352 7492) for further details about a Bristol collection venue and individual collections in Surrey, Sussex and Kent:

Art Moves - 020 7352 7492 or email


 For the Threadneedle Prize Art Moves of Chelsea will be outside The RWA in Bristol on Friday 26 July, 12 noon - 3pm.

An Art Moves van will be parked outside the RWA during these hours to accept work. The RWA is at Queen’s Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PX. Tel: 020 7352 7492 or email:

Please note: Bristol collections are at the artist’s expense.

SURREY, SUSSEX and KENTArt Moves - 020 7352 7492 or email
For all collections in Surrey, Sussex and Kent please contact Art Moves Tel: 020 7352 7492 or email

South Hams Express -
075020 41139 or
For details of these locations, plus any point en route to and from London, as well as studio collections, all at the artists’ expense, please contact South Hams Express direct Tel: 01803 863205 Mobile: 07502041139 or email:


Contact South Hams Express Tel: 01803 863205 Mobile: 0750 2041139 Email: for further details about collection points in:
Penzance, Harbour car park
Exeter, Moto Services higher car park 
Cadnam, service road leading to Sir John Barleycorn Public House
Other pick-up points by arrangement.

Artist Info

Artist Info
Information on what to submit, the prize and rules



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